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Salty Social dove into the 2018 Sprout Social Index: Realign & Redefine. Our key takeaway focuses on content marketing,which is now more important than ever.

Content consumers are no longer willing to accept frivolous intrusion on their social platforms. 30% of Consumers prefer links to more information. Content trends veer towards sharing expertise and knowledge to add value to the reader. Graphics/images and produced video add additional value over text conversations.

Sprout Social found a discrepancy between marketer’s pushes and consumer consumption. The only overlap consists of posts that teach something.

Marketers top 3 posts:

  • Posts that teach something
  • Posts that tell a story
  • Posts that inspire

Consumers top 3 preferred posts:

  • Discounts or sales
  • Posts that showcase new products or services
  • Posts that teach something

This discrepancy illustrates the marketer’s desire to push brand awareness over the consumer’s desire for discounts, sales and new product showcases. Nonetheless, the consumer’s desire for the discount or sale overlooks the long-term desire for top of the mind awareness. As the traditional marketing funnel evolves towards a circular life cycle of consumer driven marketing, brand awareness remains an important aspect of any social marketing campaign. Therefore, a modern social strategy will include both awareness and consideration. _ _ @SproutSocial13� Brand Content Consumers Engage With vs. Share on Social.png

Well defined social strategies include interaction with the consumer. Smart content entertains and inspires the consumer, creating the desire to engage and share on Social leading to advanced brand awareness across multiple profiles. This encourages positive brand awareness due to it’s personal delivery as opposed to direct brand commentary. Nonetheless, all brands should remember to include specials and discounts, satisfying consumer consideration.

To engage the consumer, video remains the most popular format. Consumers respond favorably with stories told through video that create an emotional response. Authentic story telling entertains and inspires the consumer to share with their friends and family.

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About the Data

The Sprout Social Index is a report compiled and released by Sprout Social. All referenced data is based on 1,253 consumer respondents and 2,060 marketer respondents.

The consumer survey was conducted by Survata, an independent research firm in San Francisco. Survata interviewed 1,253 online respondents between April 12, 2018, and May 1, 2018.  For further information, visit

The marketer survey was conducted via email, by Google Forms, between April 4, 2018, and May 1, 2018. For questions about the Index data, please contact

Courtney West is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Salty Social Marketing. Courtney has studied Social Media Marketing at Northwestern University, is certified in Google Analytics and maintains her HubSpot Marketing Certification. She is dedicated to helping small businesses find their voice and share their story.