One beautiful Summer day, I went for a walk with my family.  We were surrounded by beauty, nonetheless, everybody remained focused on their devices.  I snapped this gem and an idea formed. From this afternoon, Salty Social was born.

I am the Salty of Salty Social. I look at this photo almost daily for inspiration. I saw the captive audience and searched for the means to reach them.

I earned my Social Media Marketing Certification from Northwestern University and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern Shore welcomed me, allowing me to take what I learned and utilize real world applications.

I am passionate about all things Social. I voraciously read anything and everything pertinent to these platforms. I am fascinated by the shifting paradigms of traditional versus modern marketing. It is paramount that we create deep connections with our client base, establishing strong relationships that lead to brand awareness. I bring my desire to always remain teachable, my thirst for knowledge and my love for Social.

My personal passion is helping others – from fundraising for St. Jude to helping those through difficult life crises.  I currently hold the position of Marketing Chair and Board Secretary for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern Shore, Inc.New