Summertime Marketing Blues

Summertime creates a different audience focus. Most of your target audience is either on vacation or daydreaming that they were on a beach somewhere. Either way, your audience’s focus is not in the office. What works for you the other 9 months will not work for the 3 months of summer fever. Sales slump and attention spans shrink.

Instead of fighting the slump, embrace the summer fever. Produce a summer sales guide, like LinkedIn. Summer becomes your sales pitch. Experiment during the Summer and Score More Sales by spicing up your pitch.

While sales slump, Summer offers a break from the main sales push, allowing you to take a step back and analyze your current strategy.

Marketing Insiders Group shares some excellent areas of focus for you to re-analyze your current strategies in preparation of the Autumn sales push:

  • Branding – Assess your current branding. Are you still current or do you need to evolve with current markets?
  • PR & Social – Does your page need an update? Can you expand your audience/fans?
  • Integrated Marketing – How are your pieces working together?

Check out all of Marketing Insiders Groups suggestions here!

Your audience is on their mobile device as they enjoy their Summer.  Now is a good time to ensure that your site is mobile friendly! Not sure how to check, Google has created a great tool that will measure your mobile compatibility. Test your site here.

Your Summer content should match the speed of your audience.  Social Media Today provides creative ways to engage with your audience during the summertime. Here are our favorites:

  • Use Different Social Outlets – Experiment outside your comfort level.
  • Contests – Make the Summer fun and play with your customers.

Learn all about Social Media Today’s Summer Strategies here!

Summertime is an excellent time to expand your horizons. Test out your site, tune up your Branding and prepare for the Autumn rush. Here at Salty Social, we love experimenting with Instagram and sharing those Summertime photos!

Courtney West is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Salty Social Marketing. Courtney has studied Social Media Marketing at Northwestern University, is certified in Google Analytics and maintains her HubSpot Marketing Certification. She is dedicated to helping small businesses find their voice and share their story.

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