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Does your company embrace the potential of social media? Or is it tasked to the office assistant to be completed between answering the phone and filing the paperwork?

The shifting paradigm from traditional to modern marketing demands you embrace social platforms.  Businesses can no longer afford to ignore social media. It is now paramount to maintain some type of social strategy. Whether, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social platforms, your customers are waiting for you. These customers are defining your Brand and they are deciding based on what they see.

890 million people log into Facebook daily. Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter, which corresponds to over 350,000 tweets sent per minute, 500 million tweets per day and around 200 billion tweets per year. Instagram users generate 3.5 billion likes per day. Most of this audience is untapped.

Forbes magazine found the benefits of social media marketing in helping drive traffic to businesses’ websites and increasing sales. Check out our favorite benefits to social media marketing.

  • Increased Brand Recognition – More interaction creates more recognition
  • Improved Brand Loyalty – A deeper conversation leads to a long-term relationship
  • Higher Conversion Rates – Recognition and loyalty generates sales

Visit to learn more about the benefits of social media.

While you may be agreeing that social media marketing is the bee’s knees and a requirement for business today, you are still faced with the task of ensuring you are utilizing the platforms correctly. Your target audience wants to engage with you. They do not want to receive an onslaught of spam in their feeds.

We turned to the pros at Entrepreneur for The Laws of Social Media Marketing. By following these rules, you will gain traction and engage with your target audience. Here are our top laws.

  • Law of Listening – Listen to understand what drives your audience
  • Law of Quality – Create great content to drive engagement
  • Law of AccessibilityBe available to your audience as they engage with your content

Check out the remaining 7 laws here.

Social media marketing is an inexpensive way to interact with your target audience on their platform of choice. Create your social strategy and begin the conversation now.

Courtney West is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Salty Social Marketing. Courtney has studied Social Media Marketing at Northwestern University, is certified in Google Analytics and maintains her HubSpot Marketing Certification. She is dedicated to helping small businesses find their voice and share their story.

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