Salty Social Siren

Our blog will speak to small businesses who are starting their social marketing adventure or looking to develop and expand their current strategy. Our goal is to help businesses connect to their target audience in an authentic and purposeful way, deepening the conversation and driving engagement.


Find Your Social Voice

Does your company embrace the potential of social media? Or is it tasked to the office assistant to be completed between answering the phone and filing the paperwork?

The shifting paradigm from traditional to modern marketing demands you embrace social platforms. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore social media. It is now paramount to maintain some type of social strategy.

Summertime Marketing Blues

Summertime creates a different audience focus. Most of your target audience is either on vacation or daydreaming they were on a beach somewhere. Either way, your audience’s focus is not in the office. What works for you the other 9 months will not work for the 3 months of summer fever. Sales slump and attention spans shrink.

Peel the Onion

Many businesses still believe that they are in control of their Brand, through traditional advertising. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Your audience now decides your Brand for you. Real-time interaction with your customer equates to real-time Brand promotion, and is not always advantageous. If you are not on top of your social game, your voice is lost in the landscape. Or worse, your lack of social strategy inadvertently devolves into a negative voice, actively repulsing your target audience. The first step to ensuring an effective social strategy is developing your Brand message and your voice.

Facebook Marketing

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